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Building A Defense You Can Stake Your Future On

Criminal charges of any kind here in Massachusetts can come with considerable consequences. Even a first offense can leave a mark on your records that can further complicate any charges you may receive in the future. Representing yourself is a serious risk that can result in the worst outcomes in your case, and relying on an overworked public defender also has a high level of uncertainty for protecting your rights. Instead, find an experienced and aggressive defense attorney to stand up for you.

At Consigli and Brucato PC, we have been defending the rights and freedom of our clients since 1978. We are a family of attorneys who know the importance of building the strongest defense strategy possible, which is why we are meticulous and driven in our work as defense lawyers.

Someone To Protect You

We focus our efforts on keeping common crimes from complicating your life. If you are facing charges like DUI, domestic violence, and restraining order violation, you should know a conviction for these charges, even for a first offense, can damage your reputation, threaten your job and employability, and cost you relationships in addition to the legal penalties.

Our goal as your legal defense is to explore every possibility of defending you. We scrutinize the facts in these cases to look for opportunities for dismissal or prove police error. We consult with expert witnesses and gather evidence to bolster defense strategies, and if necessary, we are prepared to negotiate to reduce your charges or sentencing.

Now Is The Time To Build Your Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, do not wait another moment to reach out to a criminal defense attorney you can count on. Call us at 508-770-6799 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today and take the first step toward protecting your rights in your defense case.