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Expertise in Many Areas of Law

Trust the law firm of Consigli and Brucato PC with your legal needs. Located in Milford, Massachusetts, we handle a wide range of cases in order to meet our clients' various needs. No matter the case, we have the years of experience and knowledge to fight on your behalf in court and help protect your rights. Reach out to us to learn more.

Real Estate

A major portion of our firm's practice is in the area of residential and commercial real estate conveyancing. Attorney Aldo Consigli heads up this department. Both he and attorney Charles Brucato have extensive backgrounds in title examination and certification, title insurance, and document preparation, as well as conducting both residential and commercial real estate closings.

Our firm also employs a full-time title abstractor, Jacqueline Langlois, who is stationed at the Worcester South District Registry of Deeds. Ms. Langlois has a background of over 45 years in title examination.

Real Estate

Each of our other attorneys in the office is proficient in real estate and each has conducted numerous real estate closings. Our firm also has up-to-date real estate software, which gives us access to all of the latest forms and documents necessary to meet Federal and State laws and regulations. These factors give our firm flexibility and the ability to close a number of transactions daily.

In as much as our firm does our own title examinations and writes title insurance, we can meet all anticipated closing dates. Furthermore, since we have a legal assistant who devotes much of her time to real estate conveyancing, both customers and lenders have quick and easy access to the status of their closings.

Personal Injury, Family Law

Our firm devotes a significant amount of time to trial practice and litigation in both Massachusetts State and Federal Courts. Attorney Brucato heads up this department and attorneys Brian Consigli and Suzette Ferreira share the workload with him.

Most of the litigation and trial work is in the areas of plaintiff motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, general liability (falls and dog bites), products liability, and workers compensation. Our firm has also handled employment discrimination cases, wrongful discharges, and contract cases, as well as many other types of plaintiff's cases seeking damages. These cases are litigated and tried in both Federal and State Courts before juries, judges, or magistrates in jury-waived cases.

Our attorneys have combined experience of over 45 years in negotiating with insurers, preparing cases for trial, and trying the cases. Included in this preparation are obtaining and analyzing medical records and reports, discovery, oral depositions, and the preparation, filing, and oral argument of motions. The legal fee in these cases is usually contingent upon successful recovery of money damages.

Our firm's trial practice also includes the area of family law, including divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, and alimony matters. Attorneys Brian Consigli and Ferreira handle these cases for our firm. The legal fee for these cases is based upon an hourly rate with payment, in advance, of an agreed-upon retainer.

Inside a Courthouse

Criminal Cases,Workers Compensation and Bankruptcy

In addition to civil practice, our firm also handles criminal and civil defense jury or jury-waived cases in both the Massachusetts Superior Courts and the District Courts of Massachusetts. The legal fee in these cases is either by an agreed-upon fee, paid in advance, or at an hourly rate with an agreed-upon retainer.

Attorneys Brian Consigli and Ferreira do the majority of this work, although Attorneys Brucato and Aldo Consigli have a significant amount of experience in this area and handle this work as well.

Other Areas of Practice

Attorneys Brucato and Aldo Consigli have considerable experience in small business organization, including the formation of partnerships, corporations, and limited liability entities. Each of the attorneys is involved in contract preparation, will drafting, and probating estates, and each is available for general legal consultation. Attorney Aldo Consigli has also done a number of personal bankruptcies and has counseled debtors in workouts.

Attorney Ferreira is experienced in municipal law and land planning law.